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Clothesline was a concept for an on-demand laundry pickup service app. The goal was to set up a microbrand with a landing page to find interested beta users, and then design the best possible user experience to balance cost with delight so that Clothesline felt like a luxury experience worth paying for.

clothesline logo teal-01.png

Inspirational imagery for Clothesline grew from the idea of positive feelings associated with laundry without any of the negatives: clean, soft towels, sweaters warm from the dryer on a cold day, the smell of detergent, clean crisp lines on a perfectly folded pair of pants, etc.


Choose your frequency: Twice a month? Once a week? Whatever!


Place worn clothes in our awesome reusable laundry bag on your doorstep.


Your clothes arrive on your doorstep in 2 days, impeccably folded and smelling fresh as heck.


The first part of building a 5-star customer experience was designing the laundry drop-off/pick-up bag—a jumbo canvas hamper with a drawstring top. The canvas material and sturdy structure conveys a sense of quality, but also a soft spoken humility. The teal piping, handles, and drawstring carry along the winding string motif established in the logo and link the object to the brand. 


Users can pick the scent of the detergent used for their laundry: Fresh Linen, Citrus Breeze, or Soft Lavender. A matching scent booster comes packed with the finished laundry to give a little extra oomph when the user goes to put their clothes away.


Clothesline can't simply be the convenient option, it has to be the joyful one: it's not enough for the service to simply do your laundry for you, it has to do it better than you could do it yourself. Thoughtful details in the un-bagging experience include the reusable vacuum bags the folded clothes arrive in, stickers, scent boosters, freebies and a thank you card.

Clothesline icons (1)-02.png

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