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Client Work 

Emerson Electric

Crisp was a micro-branding experiment created around a new hypothetical Emerson product: an always-cold refrigerated bowl that lives on your countertop but can be brought along to serve chilled snacks at tailgating parties, picnics, barbecues,etc.  The goal of the experiment was to narrow down a Facebook audience and find excited users to test a prototype of the product.

crisp logo_blue.png

Being a hypothetical product without a name or even a complete design, a brand expression had to be created from the ground up with only a handful of 3D renders of the device to work from.

The Crisp logo is set in a customized version of Jubilat. The clean slab-serif font helps Crisp to fit in with other small kitchen appliance names like Kitchenaide and Cuisinart while the exaggerated ball terminals add a sense of whimsy and wonder to differentiate it from other brands.

Inspirational imagery sets the tone for the Crisp brand by calling on visuals of berries and fruit which are almost edible in their detail. Pops of berry pinks and cream colors allude to a certain sweetness and decadence; gingham, picnic and nature scenes evoke a sense of youthfulness and freshness—nostalgia for an undefined time, innocence, and simple delights.


Colors range from berry reds, pinks, and purples that evoke a sense of sweetness to rich blues and greens that reference the Crisp’s delivery of healthy and fresh snack foods.


The design of the Crisp landing page was mobile driven--since the marketing experiment was done via Facebook ads, user traffic leaned significantly towards mobile viewing. The page was designed first with the best mobile flow in mind, and was then translated to a companion desktop design.


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