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Time in a Bottle


A golden anniversary is practically unheard of in advertising. Yet in 2022, Doe-Anderson celebrated 50 years as agency of record to Maker's Mark. To mark the occasion, we sourced genuine vintage shooter bottles from 1972 and created gilded matchbox glorifiers for our clients, each one encrusted with shared imagery and motifs between the two brands, and the story of our historic partnership.

Untitled_Artwork 496.png

Kent Beal
Sirima Rattanamanokorn
Motion Designer:

Cameron Tutt


2024 Louisville AAF Awards - Silver
2024 District 5 AAF Awards - Silver

Time in a Bottle
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13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_FRONT.jpg
13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_OPEN.jpg
13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_STACKED.jpg
13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_FRONT-SPINE-BACK.jpg
13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_FRONT-SPINE-BACK.jpg
13229 DA_50thAnniversaryBox_INSIDE.jpg

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