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Nostalgia Reimagined

2022 Holiday Retail Campaign

Breaking and remaking traditions has been in the DNA of Maker’s Mark since the day Bill Samuels Sr. burned his family’s bourbon recipe to start over from scratch. In that same spirit, Maker’s 2022 in-store holiday campaign “Nostalgia Reimagined” invites drinkers to challenge their own traditions and celebrations. Taking inspiration from Norman Rockwell and Hallmark holiday cards of yore, the campaign combines a classic and comforting holiday look with unexpected modern touches to create a vibrant visual world from an indefinable time period. The headlines playfully subvert ubiquitous seasonal phrases and sentiments, and in combination with the new-stalgic visuals, open the door to new possibilities for how to celebrate the holidays with Maker’s.

Kent Beal
Christian Watson

Amber Shircliff

Motion Designer:
Jay Boone


2023 Louisville AAF Awards - 2 Golds, campaign and single

Nostalgia Reimagined
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