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Whisky Wonderland Mural

2021 Holiday OOH

We wanted to tell NYC they were on our minds for the holidays, and make sure Maker’s was on theirs while they celebrated. So, we created five massive holiday cards and painted them on a wall in Brooklyn. Each card features hand drawn illustrations and whisky-soaked seasonal greetings seamlessly woven together with custom Maker’s Mark fonts pulled directly from our label, and from the real handwriting of our cofounder (and OG bottle designer) Margie Samuels. The type brings an undeniably Maker’s Mark attitude, while the treatment evokes classic holiday nostalgia. The result was an iconic and unforgettably festive installment that passing New Yorkers couldn’t miss.

B215-B216_MakersMarkProgress-LR (3 of 26).jpg

Photography and mural application courtesy of Colossal Media

Copywriter: Kent Beal

Awards: Gold ADDY in the Out of Home category at the 2022 Louisville AdFed Awards
Shortlisted for the Typography category in the 2022 ADC Awards

B215-B216_MakersMarkComplete-LR (4 of 9).jpg

The massive corner wall space was divided into five panels, each with its own unique design, unified by a common theme, an illustration style inspired by midcentury holiday cards, and a limited, five color palette. 

Original illustrations were combined with Maker's Mark's custom typography along with design elements from the 2021 Holiday bottle to keep the piece cohesive with the rest of that year's holiday messaging, while also having a spirit of its own.

glass mockuop-02.png
glass mockuop-02.png

Original proposed design


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