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Kentucky Derby Museum

Logo & Identity Refresh

We were approached by Kentucky Derby Museum to re-asses and give a bit of a facelift to their existing logo. They were looking for a solution that was more readable at large and small scales with a type approach that better reflected the history and character of the museum. However, as their existing logo was less than three years old, they didn't want to deviate greatly from the base design as to not dilute the brand or confuse patrons. 


2019 logo

Collaborating Designer: Sirima Rattanamanokorn

Artboard 76_2x.png
Artboard 73_2x.png

A few tuneups were made to the form of the horse and jockey portion of the mark to maximize readability while maintaining the core character of the mark and its inspiration (the statue of derby winner Barbaro and his rider outside the museum). 

Artboard 11_4x.png

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