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This project is a rebranding of the much beloved American general aviation manufacturer, Piper Aircraft. This reimagining aimed to reintroduce Piper to a new generation and renew the company's founding ideal of making flight accessible for everyone.

Piper Aircraft

Student Work, Fall 2017


Piper won a silver student award in the 2018 ADDY awards.

The Piper brand was designed with a spirit of whimsy in mind which was brought down to even the smallest detail. The new Piper letterhead and business card were designed with a special dieline that allowed them to be folded into the paper airplane featured in the logo.

Piper advertising is heavily focused on metaphorical and whimsical imagery as opposed to literal depictions of airplanes to sell potential customers the idea of flying themselves.

Piper outdoor advertising is concentrated mainly near traffic-prone highways and interstates in order to target potential customers who may currently be having miserable experiences in cars.

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Read the full Piper brand book here.

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