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Student Work, Spring 2017

WCKD GOOD began as an illustration exercise combining the subject “dessert” with the method “game”—the result was the start a coffee-themed tarot deck.

WCKD GOOD developed into a occult-themed fair-trade coffee brand with the mission of making the world better through dark, delicious coffee and benevolent magic.


Applied Arts student award + feature in the November 2017 issue

2017 Student award at AIGA Louisville's The Show

1st place in the design catagory of the University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences art show.

The illustrations for the cards were handrawn and painted with instant coffee, ink and gauche, the backgrounds were created in Photoshop and the cards were rendered in to a system in InDesign.

The deck packaging was made from burlap in order to echo the more organic style of the cards and temper the monolithic presence of the black box.

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